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You may be wondering, "Why V0RT3X?", "What makes this OVH more special than the rest?". Well for one, we have added the most high-end security to our servers, so you do not have to have a worry in the world about getting DDOSed. With 100 GBPS Download speeds, and 500 GBPS DDOS protection, we have the safest servers out there, for such a cheap price! For TOR users, our OVH is also protected from any and all bypasses that hackers may use to try and obtain your personal data, making it completely safe to use on TOR, or any unprotected website. Buy now to receive the greatest OVH out there!

AN OVH IS LIKE a strong hosting server except more protected from ddos attacks unlike most vpns, a smaller user base, and more protections. Your data is safe from attackers and you can explore anywhere without restriction. good for playing in online games without worrying about a skid trying to send a ddos attack at you and your vpn dies, which is why our ovh hosting is way better than most big vpn companies

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