A GTA5 Cash Drop on PC or Xbox 360.

For PC The Estimated Amount Of Cash Is About $1 Million Every 10 Minutes Besides That The Xbox 360 Limits Are Endless You Will Be Rich About 40k Every SECOND, I Do These For Free But Is Hard For Me To Just Get Online For Every Person So Ordering Would Be The Quickest Way Since I Will Respond To These, So Invite Your Friends Sit In The Game And Earn CASH$$$


PC- Every 10 Minutes= About $1 Million Cash

Xbox360- Every 10 Minutes= About $24 Million Cash


Cash Drop Length
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    ⚠️ Cash Drop Is For PC and Xbox 360

    ⚠️ Order Completed Within 24 Hours Of Purchase Or I Will Refund You

    ⚠️ Cash Drops Are Completed With A Very Secure Menu So You Will Not Be Banned If So We Dont Hold Responsibility

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    ⚠️ Support Discord: https://discord.me/Airhead